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About Sue Parker Hall

Sue Parker Hall
(CTA, MSc, BSc, Adv Dip Couns, PGCE)

“warmth, honesty, real, inspiring”

My aim is to help clients with anger management issues quickly so that they can improve their lives, their relationships and their futures. Therapy outcomes show that my empathic approach, which addresses the underlying issues surrounding clients’ rage difficulties, is effective and achieves sustainable positive outcomes.

I am a Certified Transactional Analyst (UKCP registered) and a MBACP (Snr. Accredited) therapist, with over 20 years’ experience. I have lectured on higher education diploma and degree courses (validated by University of Plymouth).

I am also the author of “Anger, Rage and Relationship: An Empathic Approach to Anger Management (Routledge, 2008).” The book was written with clients and mental health professionals in mind and was the culmination of years of practice and study into the differences between anger and rage and how to work with them.

Potential clients can refer themselves or are referred by a wide range of statutory and voluntary agencies including GP surgeries, Employee Assistance Programmes and the Health Service.

I am a supervisor of practitioners (individual and groups) helping a diverse client population.

I continue to run regular events nationwide, which support counsellors and psychotherapists to work with anger, rage and shame in their practice. More recently, I have developed ‘Relational Mindfulness’ a form of mindfulness which is embedded in the therapeutic relationship. I am also delivering one day CPD trainings to share my approach with counsellors and psychotherapists throughout the UK. More details on these events here.

I have also presented my models for working empathically with anger and rage at national conferences across the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), in Ireland, Spain, Malta and in the US.

If you would like to discuss your anger management therapy or professional development issues then please contact me by email or telephone on 01717 525 100.

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