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Personal therapy

Personal Therapy is available either face-to-face or by SKYPE

The main benefits of working with me one-to-one are

  • I am a therapist with a sound knowledge of, and lots of experience with, anger and rage issues

  • I can quickly and easily explain my understanding of how these difficulties may have arisen and how we will resolve them

  • I will put you at your ease and enable us to begin the therapeutic work right from the first session

I understand rage very simply as ‘an inability to process life’s experiences‘ (Parker Hall, 2008).

Often, an individual is so full of unprocessed life experience that one more thing, and it could be a very trivial thing, is the final straw and the lid flies off.

  • people get hurt

  • needs don’t get met

  • problems don’t get solved

  • relationships are often in crisis

Please contact me on 07717 525100 to discuss your requirements.

Empathic Anger Management Package

Ten  50-minute weekly sessions.

You will learn how to process your life experience, to ask for what you want in a straight way and to make better use of support.

10 X 50 minute, weekly sessions @ £65 per session (this includes an end of therapy report if required).

Statement of fees

Payment is made at the end of the session. Psychotherapy and counselling for individuals is on a weekly basis and I charge £65 per 50 minute session;

A Couples Session on a weekly basis is £78.00 for a 1 hour session.

Face-to-face supervision is £97.50 for a 1 hour and 15 minute session on a monthly basis.

Skype Supervision is £78 for a 1 hour session

Some concessions for therapy clients and student supervisees are available. Please contact me for further information.

If you are late arriving for a session we will end at the usual time to allow me to fulfil my other appointments for the day.

Cancelled appointments with less than one weeks notice are charged for.  If you do need to cancel I will endeavour to offer you an alternative slot that week.


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