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transformation Vs management of rage

The difference between managing a symptom and transforming it can be explained by talking about ‘first order change’ and ‘second order change’ as described in Andrew D. Solovey and J. Scott Fraser‘s book, Second-Order Change in Psychotherapy: The Golden Thread That Unifies Effective Treatments (2007).


First-Order Change

Solovey & Scott Fraser: ‘solutions that do not change the problem but that create stability’

Sue Parker Hall: ‘a goal set and achieved which is already in the client’s existing frame of reference; management Vs transformation; not sustainable under stress conditions.

Second-Order Change

Solovey & Scott Fraser: ‘resulting in a resolution of the problem’

Sue Parker Hall: ‘an outcome which is beyond a person’s existing frame of reference, that cannot be imagined at the outset of therapy; the difficulty is transformed through processing the underlying emotional cause of a client’s difficulty; sustainable under stress conditions’

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