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The main benefits of Empathic Anger Management

Many approaches to anger management operate at quite a superficial level, encouraging you to identify the triggers for your anger and to develop strategies such as counting to ten, taking deep breaths or changing your way of thinking about something or someone in order to reduce your anger.

These strategies can indeed be very helpful in the short term for reducing the risk of you harming yourself, your relationship and others. However these techniques are unsustainable under stress and don’t address the deeper, underlying causes of your anger for long-term successful anger management.

By the time clients reach me they are often so full of unprocessed life experience that one more thing – and it could be a very trivial thing – is the final straw and the lid flies off. This leads to difficulties in several areas:

  • people get hurt, emotionally and/or physically

  • needs don’t get met

  • problems don’t get solved

  • relationships are often in crisis

Rage difficulties are usually the result of never having been supported to learn how to process your emotions. EAM can help you learn how to do this.

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