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Empathic Anger Management

Can I help you with your anger?

My unique contribution to psychotherapy, which has been very valuable to me personally and professionally, is to have identified that anger and rage are completely different phenomena with different origins, purposes and therapy needs. Anger is an important processing emotion which is vital for self-care and to be encouraged.


  • is respectful of self and others

  • alerts us to something in the environment that needs addressing

  • prevents us from being exploited or manipulated

  • protects our sense of self as a unique and separate individual


Rage, on the other hand, is a primitive survival mechanism employed when we are overwhelmed by and cannot process our life experiences. Rage needs to be transformed in a therapeutic relationship.



  • is disrespectful and destructive to self and others

  • doesn’t solve a problem but makes it worse

  • can be hot and explosive or cold and apparently ‘reasonable’

  • is an unconscious process and can’t be managed through willpower or through attempting to change our thoughts or attitudes

Within my approach, the expression of anger is encouraged while destructive rage needs to be transformed.

What is Empathic Anger Management?

Empathic Anger Management (EAM) is a highly effective therapeutic process that helps you not only to manage your anger and rage but to transform them by addressing the underlying causes.

You will learn how to

  • process your life experiences through talking about them rather than ignoring or suppressing them

  • express your thoughts, feelings and needs in a way that others find easier to hear

  • take better care of yourself and

  • take support for yourself from others

What are the benefits of Empathic Anger Management?

  • a compassionate, respectful, collaborative, and non-directive way of working

  • often there is some improvement after just the first session because you may better understand the cause of your difficulties and feel hopeful about how EAM can help them

  • you may quickly feel better able to manage your emotions but this therapeutic approach goes beyond ‘management of symptoms’, supporting you to address the root causes of your problem and to remain stable in the longer term, even in stressful situations

  • reduce the possibility of future resentments by becoming able to take responsibility for your own feelings and needs

  • improved relationships with yourself and others

For more information on the benefits of EAM please click here.

Sue Parker Hall, a qualified, anger specialist:

  • has specific knowledge and considerable experience of helping clients who are struggling with anger and rage issues

  • will quickly and easily explain her understanding of how these difficulties may have arisen for you and how she will work with them will put you at your ease, enabling you to begin the necessary therapeutic work right from the first session

Find out more about the process here or contact me for further information.

From my blog

There are four different ways of accessing Empathic Anger Management.


weekly sessions

50 mins in West Cornwall.


Weekly Skype sessions

50 minutes.


intensive therapy

500 mins / 9 days.


Intensive Skype therapy 500 mins / 9 days.

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